An extensive network of volunteers who work through our Resurrection School Council and School Commission. 

Through these efforts, we do fund raising, marketing and school operations review and facilitation.

We provide opportunities for fund raising through a school auction, bake sales and spring fair as well as the MSU Hockey Concessions throughout the winter.  In addition, the Church of the Resurrection parish provides financial assistance through it's substantial Ox Roast event that is held every September.

Following are the organizations that we have actively helping with our school:

Resurrection School Council:  Chairperson, Theresa Myrick

Our RSC is an active part of our school community. The purpose of this organization is to discuss the needs of the students and teachers, and then creatively organize fundraising events, parent volunteers, and school activities.

School Auction:  Sue Reese and Ivonne Romero

The school auction is held every fall and is the big fundraiser for the school. We need several parent volunteers every year to help coordinate donations and setup. Our most recent auction on November 16, 2013 was our best auction in the nine years of having this event.

Scrips Program:   Irie Lott and Dick Roy

Our Scrips program is one of the strongest fund-raisers that we have by selling gift cards for local businesses that contribute a percentage (%) of the sales to Resurrection School. Look for new ways in which we will be selling our gift cards, including maybe on-line soon!!!

MSU Hockey Concessions:

Please be sure to check the Hockey Concession Stand schedule for this year and make note of the dates your family is scheduled to work!

Please contact a sub if you cannot work your shift. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Theresa Myrick, Ivonne Romero, Brett McDonald, or Cecelia Macias whose contact info is on the schedule above.