Prayer for Marriage

Presider: Let us pray for all who are living the vocation of marriage, and also for those participating in the Synod on the Family, and all who will be gathering in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families. 

Prayer for the Year of Marriage 

Heavenly Father, your Son, Jesus, once part of a family, is a blessing for husbands and wives, for fathers and mothers and their children. Help our moms and dads to be faithful to each other and open to new life, your gift to them. Guide them to raise their children to be good citizens of both heaven and earth. Pour your Holy Spirit upon married couples to strengthen their bond, upon all families that they may face the challenges of our times with strength that comes from the Gospel, and upon our homes that they may be places of love and joy and thus a source of blessing for our Church and our society. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.