Binding an Evil Spirit

Binding an evil spirit is using the Authority of Jesus Christ and His power to make the evil spirit stop what ever it is doing and not to make any further progress. It is silencing the spirit. Rebuking is taking authority over the evil spirit and stopping it, too. When you command in the name of Jesus Christ you are telling the spirit to be disposed of by Jesus. One is not doing any of this with their [sic] own power, but the power of Jesus Christ. This prayer could be said everyday:

“Evil spirit, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ,
and command you to go to the foot of the cross.”

These prayers can be said silently, in a soft voice, or out loud. Many times it is good to begin silently if you suspect something so as not to startle the person. They should be said when you walk into new areas, your homes, places of business, silently over everyone you meet in all situations.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

This prayer could be said everyday protecting yourself, or said over someone.

Lord Jesus, I ask you today to cover me and my family, 
the whole world, especially our military and our priest, with your 
precious blood and protection. Uncover any hidden plot of the 
enemy before it has a chance to take root or effect or do any 
harm. Alert us to any hidden plots against us and provide in
advance a peaceful solution to any damage the enemy tries to 
do. Bind and make mute any evil spirits that try to manifest or 
attach themselves to us in any way. We ask you to please hide 
from the enemy the personal plans and ministries you have for us, 
so he has no access or knowledge of them. Let no weapon formed 
against us be able to prosper. 
In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke any curses, hexes or spells 
sent against us. I bind all interplay, interaction and
communication of evil spirits, and I claim the protection of the shed blood of 
Jesus Christ on_________. I ask you, Lord, to please send
St. Michael, the Archangel, to drive out all the evil spirits who roam 
the earth and give St. Michael the authority to send all evil spirits 
straight to the recesses of hell, where they will remain forever. 
Lord Jesus, I also ask you to please let the waters of our baptism 
flow back through our bloodlines to cleanse us of any evil or
unwanted tendencies or traits that we may have inherited from our 
ancestors. And lastly, Lord, I ask you to please bless my enemies 
by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion.
We thank you, Lord, and we praise you. Lord, for your boundless 
mercy and protection. Amen.