3rd Sunday of Easter

Today, our Gospel is from Luke 24, the Road to Emmaus, and Fr. Steve invites us to enter in deeply into that account and to see how it reveals the power of the Mass, in which we are fed from the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist. In his homily, Fr. Steve quoted from John Senior's book, The Restoration of Christian Culture, which reveals the cosmic and earthly importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is what he says:

What is Christian Culture? It is essentially the Mass. That is not my or anyone’s opinion or theory or wish but the central fact of two thousand years of history. Christendom, what secularists call Western Civilization, is the Mass and the paraphernalia which protect and facilitate it. All architecture, art, political and social forms, economics, the way people live and feel and think, music, literature–all these things when they are right, are ways of fostering and protecting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. (p. 17)