14th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2016

Today, at the end of the Fortnight for Freedom, Fr. Steve discusses recent actions that target religious liberty. Fr. Steve emphasizes the importance of Christians standing up for truth and understanding the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. As a parish and a school, we are committed to helping form disciples intellectually and spiritually to fight this good fight. In his homily, Fr. Steve referenced the following articles in his homily. You may find them of interest:

1) A post by Rod Dreher regarding SB 1146 (anti-Christian actions in California). 

2) A post by Rod Dreher regarding the decision of the Supreme Court not to hear a religious liberty appeal of a law in Washington State concerning pharmacists having to dispense "Plan B." 

3) A Fortune Magazine article about a California court ruling that requires that Christian dating sites cater to same-sex patrons.