Deacon Ralph Poyo

Deacon Ralph Poyo

Parish Mission: Encounter Christ. Be Charged. Rise Up.

Deacon Ralph Poyo - Recorded September 8-11, Resurrection Church

“It’s our job to make disciples. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?”

He’s passionate, humorous and playful. At the Church of the Resurrection, Deacon Ralph Poyo, founder of the New Evangelization Ministries, called himself a disciple of Christ, and he challenged participants at his mission to learn how to be follower of Christ, to stay in his presence, and to be possessed by Holy Spirit.

Deacon Poyo, reminded us, by sharing his own trials and struggles, that God will use us to bring people into intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, and open the door to welcome them into the Church. Listen to the four evenings of audio from the mission. Learn the power of authentic fellowship.

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